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Save up to 100% on your electricity bill with a virtual battery, take care of the planet and take advantage of subsidies.

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Go Green! 5 reasons you can't afford to miss

Installing solar panels allows you to reduce both your electricity bill and your impact on the environment. In addition, you are free from time restrictions and variations in electricity rates, all while enjoying renewable, ecological and independent energy.

Co2 reduction and increase your energy efficiency.

Go green

You will help the planet, your society and yourself... Find out how much CO2 you can stop emitting...
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Significant savings on your electricity bill of up to 100%.

Start saving

Be smart and don't overpay. Find out how much you can save...
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Take advantage of grants at the community, state and local levels.

Take advantage of available grants

We process all types of aid and subsidies you may be entitled to...
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Invest and revalue your property considerably.

Increase your equity

With a new photovoltaic installation you significantly increase the value of your home...
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Financing within your reach through our financial partners.

Financing at 0% interest

Thanks to Energreen's agreements with different financial companies, you can now finance your installation comfortably.
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It has never been so easy!

Installing your solar panels is easy and affordable with energreen thanks to 0% interest financing plans and available subsidies.

0% interest financing

We facilitate your financing

Simulation on a cost of 4,500€.

Payment Opening C. Fee (month) Total

We manage your subsidies

Example Installation with bonuses

  • Cost of installation 5.000€
  • Plan Ecovivienda -2.160€
  • Income tax reduction -1.250€
  • IBI rebate*. -250€
  • Go Green! Bonus -200€

Total 1.140€

* The percentage of IBI bonus varies by municipality.

Did you know that...

...installing solar panels not only reduces your energy bills, but can also increase the value of your property?

A recent study showed that houses with solar panels sell faster and at a higher price than houses without them.

Go Green!

With Energreen you will have your installation ready in just 7 easy steps…


You will receive a call from our agents...
We will ask you for an electricity bill in order to prepare the technical-economic study.

Technical visit

A sales technician will visit your home...
During the visit, he will check the feasibility of the study in your home.


We manage licenses and permits...
In this way, we speed up the administrative procedures to carry out the installation as soon as possible.


We coordinate a date to perform the installation...
After installation, we legalize it in Industry.


We manage grants and subsidies...
Both the European Next Generation Fund and other bonuses and deductions.


We advise you to maximize savings...
You will save substantially on your bill thanks to the "virtual battery".

After sales

We will always be at your service to help you...
You will have an after-sales department to solve any doubt or unforeseen event after installation.

Energreen makes it easier

Find out why you will get it right by relying on Energreen’s experience and know-how.

Solar energy offers a number of important benefits, both for the environment and for the homes and businesses that use it:

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Solar energy does not emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases, which means it has a much smaller impact on the environment compared to fossil fuels. By using solar energy, homes and businesses can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and help combat climate change.
  • Increased property value: Installing solar panels can significantly increase property value. Home and business buyers are increasingly interested in sustainability and energy efficiency, so having solar panels installed can make a property more attractive on the market.
  • Energy independence: By generating their own energy through solar panels, homes and businesses can become more energy independent. This means they are less dependent on traditional energy providers and are therefore more protected against possible increases in energy prices.
  • Renewable energy: Solar energy is a renewable and inexhaustible energy source, which means that it will not run out in the foreseeable future. Unlike fossil fuels, which are finite and have a negative impact on the environment, solar energy is clean and sustainable.
  • Cost savings: By generating their own power through solar panels, homes and businesses can significantly reduce their long-term energy costs. While the initial installation of solar panels can be a significant cost, in the long run, the savings on energy bills can be substantial.

Energreen is a solar energy company with a long history in the Asian market. Founded in 2008, Energreen has established a strong presence in the region and has become an industry leader through its experience and expertise in the installation of solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries, project management, and maintenance and repair.

For more than a decade, Energreen has successfully worked on solar energy projects throughout Asia, providing customized solutions to clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations and government agencies. Its extensive experience in the industry has allowed it to accumulate a wealth of technical expertise and practical experience, enabling it to deliver high quality solutions and ensure customer satisfaction.

In addition, Energreen has a team of highly trained and experienced experts in all areas of solar energy, from solar panel installation to project management to maintenance and repair. Their team of engineers and technicians are highly trained in the use of the latest solar panel installation technologies and techniques, allowing them to offer innovative and customized solutions for each client.

Energreen also prides itself on having extensive experience installing solar panels in a variety of environments and locations, from densely populated urban areas to remote rural areas. The company has successfully completed a wide variety of projects throughout Asia, from installing solar panels on office buildings and factories to larger community-level projects, such as installing solar panels in rural areas to provide clean, sustainable energy to entire communities.

In short, Energreen’s extensive experience in the Asian market has enabled it to become a leader in the solar energy sector. Its highly skilled and experienced team, combined with its focus on customized solutions, has enabled the company to deliver innovative, high-quality solutions to customers of all sizes and in a variety of environments and locations. If you are looking for an experienced and knowledgeable solar energy company, Energreen is the perfect choice.